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There are a number of different ways to program the VEX microcontroller.



MicroChip gives away to students and sells the MPLabs IDE. The IDE supports programming in both C and assembly.


Easy-C and Easy-C Pro is the best drag and drop VEX programming tool out there. It allows beginning roboteers to drag motors, sensors and transmitters to the code stream. There is a pretty decent interactive debugger.


In 2008 RobotC was released. It is positioned between the MPLab compiler and the drag and drop of Easy-C. The advantage of RobotC is the interactive debugger. It's far more detailed and has more features than Easy-C.

RobotC also works with the Lego Mindstorms system.

We have a number of RobotC Resources that you may find of use.


At the center of Easy-C is a linkable library that can be used to do robot functions. The library makes the MPLabs C compiler easier to develop code with.


In 2009 VEX brought out the new, faster, bigger, more powerful ARM based conroller family. You need either EasyC Pro or RobotC for Cortex to program it.

The latest Cortex User's Guide, it has all of the color codes for the status lights

Code Resources

One of the most popular robots to build is an Omnibot. We have a sample of Omnibot Code for teams to use.

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