Setting Up Your Laptop To Program RobotC

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Bring a Laptop

You need to bring YOUR laptop.

Operating Systems

Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) work great! Windows XP works well too! Windows 2000 is OK.

DO NOT USE Vista. If you insist on using Vista, you may have success (some have on the 32 bit version) and then again most do not succeed. We will not help with a Vista computer. Up or downgrade to a supported operating system.

Vista Users Need to Buy Another Cable to Replace the Orange USB-to-Comm Cable

If you use Vista, you need to go to RadioShack and buy a Gigaware USB-to-Comm cable (big black cable). If you don't you wont' be able to download your program to your robot. And yes, I understand that you already paid for the orange programming cable and you are mad that it doesn't work. Sorry. I didn't make these operating systems or USB drivers. The orange cable is based on the Prolific driver and that driver does not work with Vista (don't tell me that you have gotten it to work ... I can't take time out from the class to focus on solutions that I know have issues.)

RobotC does NOT Run on the Macintosh or Linux

Don't even ask about a Macintosh(unless you are running Wine and are an expert at it) or running Linux or Windows 7. This workshop is not about teaching operating systems, it is about programming the robot!


You need to buy RobotC. Foster can help with that.

Drivers for the USB Cable (Programming Cable)

You need to install the USB drivers from the site.

Being Ready For Class

You really need to set up your laptop before you come to the class. If you don't we will try to update the laptop AFTER the class, and you will need to look at someone else's laptop during the class. Here is the link to download the RobotC for IFI to program the Vex (

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