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A STEM Site is a collection of competition robotics teams. STEM Sites have advantages over other team formats.

Sometimes it's easier to find a single space big enough for 12 teams rather than finding 12 smaller spaces. We've found that spaces like cafeterias are perfect for building Vex robots.
Mentor Schedules
In a 20 week season things come up in the lives of Mentors that may mean they need to miss a session. With other teams meeting in the same space there are other Mentors that can cover for a night or two. This allows the roboteers to keep meeting all season long.
Advanced Mentoring
Finding mentors that have advanced skills is hard. It's easier to find mentors that can work with bigger groups. By sharing a skilled (in say RobotC programming) mentor, more teams can benifit by the same application of time.
Competition Scrimmage
Individual teams may not be able to afford a practice field and playing pieces. The cost spread across 12 teams becomes much more manageable. The time and effort for a single team to set a field up is hard, but with a number of teams the time is just a few minutes. Having other teams means there is always someone to scrimmage and practice with.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'd like to be a sponsor. Do I need to sponsor an entire STEM Site?
While we think you sponsoring a STEM Site is a great idea, you can sponsor one or more teams. A STEM Site may start out with just a few teams, but grow as time goes on. You could decide to sponsor more teams at a later date. If you are a sponsor with a space to use (like an employee cafeteria) but don't have the financal resources to sponsor all the teams you can still be a STEM site. In any case contact us!
Is a STEM Site limited to 12 teams?
No, a good size for a STEM Site is 12-16 teams depending on the space. That means about 36-64 roboteers and another 12-16 mentors.
We have an existing team, but have lost our space, can we come join a STEM site?
Yes, you and your mentors can join an existing STEM Site.
Whats the nearest STEM Site to my location?
Contact us and we can direct you to an existing STEM Site or tell you about one that's in the works near you.

Contact us

If you have an interest in STEM Sites contact us at:

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