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Technomage League - Gateway

On November 12 the second meeting of the Technomage League Play was held at Delaware County Christian School. The DCKnights team hosted 6 different workshops and 17 teams playing three seperate rounds of Gateway. Even though its early in the season there were some pretty amazing robots competing. There were teams from New Jersey (2 hour drive) and York PA (1 hour 45 minutes).

College team KTOR has two Mentor's of the Year

At the 2011 World Championship at Disney World, Andrew Adaman and Chuck Glick were named the 2011 VEX Mentor's of the year. KTOR is supported by STEMRobotics and KTOR is our "go-to" team for judging. Andrew put together an amazing group of judges that did all of our 2010-11 events. For this reason we had very even and very reproducible results.

Chuck did the same with the referees. He put together a crack team of refs that were able to keep up with the fast pace of Round Up. And again all the matches in the PA region had the same level of refereeing. This allowed teams that played multiple events hone their driving skills knowing that a top notch referee team would keep the playing field level.

Both Andrew and Chuck also spent time as mentors for the 15 Downingtown teams, the 3 Haverford robots and the Royal Assault Robots.

Our congratulations to them for receiving the highest adult award at Worlds.

VEX Mentors of the year Award at World Championship - Foster Schucker and Steve Rhoads

Steve Rhoads and Foster Schucker received the 2010 Mentor of the Year awards at the VEX World Championship in Dallas. Their work in starting new teams, adult mentor workshops and running events in Southeastern PA was listed as part of the reasons for the award. Thanks to Teams 80 and 81 for submitting them!

College Team - KTOR - Wins Excellence award at VEX World Championship

The Knights of The Olde Robotic won the College Excellence Award at the 2010 VEX World Championship. KTOR is one of the teams that STEMRobotics helped start in 2010. Congrats to team members Andrew Adaman, Melissa Quigley, Chuck Glick and Patrick Kneass.

STEMRobotics Founder wins Volunteer of the Year Award!

Steve Rhoads was honored on Saturday March 20 with the Volunteer of the Year award at the New Jersey VEX Championship. Steve is well known in both VEX and FTC circles as a software wizard. He has brought his Technomages, a crew of skilled software students to many events. He is also one of the driving forces behind the PSU Scrimmage, DockBots and the Eastern Pennsylvania Regional. Congrats Steve!

PSU Abington Scrimmage - December 3, 2009

With snow in the forecast 21 teams met at the PSU library to participate in the first Clean Sweep Scrimmage of the season. Fields supplied by STEMRobotics and Driven were set up to maximize the play action for the day. The Driven field was used for practice and both the Drivers and Programming Challenges. The STEMRobotics field was set up in the auditorium for head to head matches. Head Referee Clem McKown and his field crew ran 23 matches.

In the early part of the day there were robots that worked, robots that needed work and robots that were mostly unassembled parts. As the day went on, mechanical issues became fewer. Programmers from Downingtown Area Robotics lead by Steve Rhoads helped get programming to work and created autonomous programs for a number of teams.

It was a great start to the Clean Sweep Season. Award details can be found at Penn State Abington VEX Clean Sweep Scrimmage

STEMRobotics and Girls In Gear

On November 14, 2009 STEMRobotics set up a VEX driving station for the Girls In Gear program. It was a great day showing 70 Girl Scouts that Robots Rock!

STEMRobotics demos VEX at GameExpo

We are doing demos of Clean Sweep, the new VEX game at the 2009 GameX event at the Oaks Convention center. We will be there Saturday 9AM -6PM and Sunday 10AM 5PM. Come play Clean Sweep with us and help us introduce new roboteers to competition robotics. We have 14 passes, contact us and we'll get you in as our guest. This is being billed as a premiere game industry event. There will be lots of games, music and of course Robots!

STEMRobotics participates in Lights On Afterschool - October 22, 2009

The Afterschool Aliance is dedicated to supporing afterschool programs around the United States. There are 1500 afterschool programs in this area. They provide homework support and other activities to keep school children engaged. At the Lights On event Foster did a short demo and then most of the 28 students available drove robots, ate browies and other food prepared by their fellow classmates.

STEMRobotics supports the program at the Regency Center. Starting in November Regency will begin an eight week unit on creating and building robots. We are please to be part of the mentor training and support of their robotic activities. We've done other presentations and a throw-down there last month at the center.

Throw-down at the Church Farm School - October 22, 2009

The sounds of robot competion (and some rock and roll music) filled the gym at the Church Farm School on Thursday. Steve took his portable field and the foam cubes to play some simple games. The event was well attended with 12 students from the school driving robots. There was interest from the administration, the are looking at robotics as a scheduled activity. Thanks to John for setting this up and to Bob and Nathan for helping Steve keep the robots running. and Downingtown Area Robotics travel to Reading - September 24, 2009

Foster Schucker of and Faith McKown of Downingtown Area Robotics traveled to Reading to inaugurate the Reading Red Riders Robotics Program. Foster gave two presentations to over 400 students while Faith kept 10 VEX demo bots running and and answered 100's of questions. Both Faith and Foster spent time with 12 middle school students from a nearby science magnet school.

STEMRobotics and Downingtown Area Robotics will continue to work with the Reading school district in getting their program up and running.

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