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Mid-Atlantic VEX Partner

STEMRobotics is one of the groups that make up the VEX Partners in the Mid-Atlantic area. Teams from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virgina work together sharing ideas and resources. The Mid-Atlantic VEX Partners also coordinate events and workshops.

Our first planning meeting of the 2009-2010 year was held in Baltimore MD on Saturday 1 August at the [Strand Theater]. 22 people attended from four states. The meeting was facilitated by Brad Lauer, Senior Manager for Education Channel Development of Innovation First, Inc.

Event Planning

One of the topics discussed was the need for pre-planning events. Once an event is put on Robotevents.com the date is locked in. In the past years there has been overlap of the dates causing problems with getting teams and volunteers. This page: Planned VEX Events is a list of events that have either been planned or are in the planning process. It's set up to be a coordination location only, check [Robotevents.com] for actual event details.


There are a number of Maryland teams that have fields and will have game elements that can be used for events. Contact Jeff or Dave.


Some groups have projects underway that are of interest or need assistance. Please contact the leader for more information.

Josh is working on "Competition in a Trailer" - 4 fields, display and sound equipment, tables, power connections, etc. all in a 6*13 trailer. He is looking for people to help with sponsorship, construction and moving the trailer from event to event.

NJ Partners (Mark, Mike and Ben) are getting the wireless controllers and field elements set up for trials in September. If you are interested in testing / seeing the new wireless setup contact them.

Dennis from the TIME center is working on a study on how robot programs effect students. They are tracking schools/jobs that result from interactions with robots.

New Activity

Wynton is in the process of setting up VEX teams in Reading PA and is looking for Mentor support. The Reading High School has 4,500 students, a possibility of 900 VEX teams. They are starting small with 3-4 teams to start.

David has picked up 10 VEX kits for his classes in Salisbury MD. This is the first big VEX initiatives in that area.

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