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Our next 7 week Mentor Workshop starts on September 15 at the Downingtown Educational Center. If you are interested please contact us!


Mentor Workshop Overview

We are holding a 5,7,10 week mentor workshop on a regular basis. The intent is for people with a casual interest to come to the basic 5 week session. For more advanced users interested in programming, the next two weeks (week 6 and 7) will be of interest. The last three weeks covers advanced robot designs and team dynamics.

Summer 2009 Mentor Workshop that we started on 9 June is detailed here. It was a great time and we have new Mentors!

Mentor Workshop 5 Week Cycle

We meet once a week on Tueday nights from 6:30-8:30 PM at the Downingtown Educational Center.

Week One

Media:VEX for the Technically Challenged.pdf We will cover some house keeping issues and then do the Introduction. We'll spend about an hour discussing this section.
In the second hour we will construct the Tumbler Robot that can be found in these plans Vex Quickstart Guide.

It would also be helpful to have the controller and transmitter guides:

Week Two

Media:VEX for the Technically Challenged.pdf We will cover the drive train section.
In the second hour we will finish and race our Tumbler Robot.

Week Three

We will cover grippers in the first hour.
The second hour we will disassemble the Tumbler Robot and create the Protobot

Week Four

In the first hour we will cover arms and lifters.
Continue build the Protobot.

Week Five

Wrap up Media:VEX for the Technically Challenged.pdf and cover team dyamics from Media:Clueless Coach.pdf.
Finish the Protobot and race them

Mentor Workshop - 7 Week cycle

First 5 weeks as outlined above.

The next two weeks will require you to bring a laptop. We will be using RobotC that we will supply.

Week Six

Introduction to RobotC - Basic sensors from the Protobot

Week Seven

Introduction to RobotC - Advanced Sensors

Mentor Workshop - 10 Week cycle

First 7 weeks as outlined above

Next three weeks are spent building a competion robot (Game to be chosen by the team)

Additonal Mentor Information

Using VEX to Supercharge your Robot Team - a great guide on how to expand the use of VEX into other robot programs. Many FIRST teams use VEX to prototype.

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